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Formed in Gangtok India, AROGYA has been active in the Nepali Music Scene for nearly four years now. At the cutting edge of Nepali music, the band has imposed itself as a reference in its genre with deep, powerful and genuine music, high energy shows and unbreakable will. As an Avant-garde Nepali Modern Arena Rock Band with 2 self-titled Original Albums under their belt, AROGYA is a pioneer, the first of their kind in creating the type of sound & music for their songs, making waves breaking through and away from the generic Nepali music genre, bringing a new exciting flavour to the scene.


Guwahati, ASSAM


Dark Synth Rock

Years Active:

2013- Present


Out Of Line Music




Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider




Arogya Official



Booking: The Booker, Janice Teh



Phone: +65 9771 1434 (Singapore)


             + 91 995 722 3710 (India)


             +91 986 483 9469 (India)


Since 2013, Gangtok’s rock band Arogya have steadily built a following in the North East and in Nepal, with songs like “Mero Maya Ma” climbing up to over 226,000 views on YouTube last year. They showcased metal, rock and more on their 2016 self-titled album, but now things are changing yet again.

Their debut English single “Dark World” presents Arogya as an anthemic synth rock band, led by vocalist Rainjong Lepcha’s distinct range. Lepcha, who also sings for Guwahati metallers Rectified Spirit, says, “The main challenge is to keep it simple yet exciting, dynamic and fresh. We want to create a new sensory experience, strive ahead in the music industry with something different and stretch our musical capabilities but yet not losing the sound we have developed over the years.”


FUZE copy.jpg

Gangtok-bred, Assam-based rock band Arogya offer up a tantalizing new visual world with their latest song “Broken,” the first off their upcoming third album.

Featuring the band in its steampunk-inspired avatars (complete with masks and a hanging mic stand for vocalist Rainjong Lepcha), the song juxtaposes buoyant synth work with polished riffage over pained vocals. The video — directed by filmmaker Prayash Sharma Tamuly — introduces a fantasy world in which two lovers are lost and separated, with the male protagonist (essayed by actor Arghadeep Barua) journeying to find his missing companion (Annie Hazarika). 

The concept of the video and screenplay was the brainchild of frontman Lepcha and lyricist and band manager Janice Teh. 

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